What information will I need on hand to complete the New Student online portion of the registration?

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Much of the information we will ask about your student are items that you would know readily such as birth date, location of birth, etc. However, additional details you need on hand include, but are not limited to, are:


  •  your snapcode or login url (new students only) will be sent via email when you completed preregistration

  •  password if you've already created an SUSD PowerSchool Registration account

  •  parent/guardian email and phone numbers

  •  previous school information (name and address)

  •  student's doctor and dentist name and their phone numbers

  •  names and phone numbers of up to 3 additional LOCAL adults you wish to authorize to pick up your student in event of emergency, illness or evacuation, and we are unable to reach the parent(s)/guardian(s)

  •  name and phone number of after-school caregiver if applicable

  •  dates of previous dental and physician checkup (month/date)