Kindergarten Interviews

Kindergarten Interviews for the 2019-2020 school year will be held at Saratoga Elementary School on May 22 and June 11.  Kindergarten teachers will conduct informal 20-30 minute “interviews” with incoming Kinders whose parents choose to have them participate. Signups for interviews will take place when you complete your online registration.

The following information was compiled by the Kindergarten Teachers of SUSD.


The kindergarten teachers in the district encourage you to schedule a Kindergarten Interview appointment for your incoming student when you register at the district office for the upcoming school year.  Below you will find a list of our most common questions regarding Kindergarten Interviews.


What happens at the interview?

On the day of your interview, you will arrive at the designated school with your child and a smile!  Check in with our staff outside the kindergarten classrooms (follow the signs directing you). One of the district's kindergarten teachers will introduce her/himself to you and your child and escort your child to a Kindergarten classroom.  Your child will be with the teacher for about 20-30 minutes.  During this time, the kindergarten teacher will play games and ask fun questions in order to learn about your child's "Kindergarten Readiness."  Readiness skills include:

  • listening
  • paying attention
  • following directions
  • fine motor skills
  • gross motor skills and
  • literacy awareness


At the end of the interview, the teacher will bring your child back to you.


Interviews are approximately 20-30 minutes.  Some students may take more or less time but it is important each interview is completed.  We try to keep to the scheduled appointment times, but if we are running a little behind when you arrive for your appointment, please be patient.

Do I need to prepare my child in any way?

You do NOT need to prepare your child in any way other than telling them that they are going to meet with a teacher and play some games and activities.


Why does the Saratoga Union School District have Kindergarten Interviews?

The interview with your child gives us an idea of who your child is and what learning environment is best for him/her.  This is our only opportunity before school starts to meet your child and learn about her/him.  When we know your child's strengths and areas that need development, it helps us balance our classes and provide the best educational placement for your child's success.


Do I get to find out which school my child will be going to at the interviews?

No. You will receive an email in August with your child's designated school.  Classroom assignments will be posted at the school sites several days before school starts.  Proof of any outstanding immunizations needs to be brought into the District Office before we can release school assignment information.


How do I sign up?

After you complete the online registration, you will sign up for an interview time.  Your student must be registered in SUSD in order to participate in the Kindergarten Interviews.

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