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Learning Continuity In Case Of Quarantine or Illness

To: SUSD Families

As our learning community enters flu season while still navigating the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, please be informed of the district's learning continuity plans in case your child must stay home due to the following cases.

Case 1: Individual students kept at home due to COVID-19 symptoms

  • Symptomatic individuals are REQUIRED to stay home and get tested. Symptoms include: fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, muscle or body aches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, headache, loss of taste or smell.
  • The focus should be on the health of the student. Students should rest and not worry about school work nor attendance. Their teacher(s) will work with your child on catching up and make-up work. If the student tests positive for COVID-19, refer to Case 2.

Case 2: Students have been placed into isolation or quarantine by SUSD or the County Public Health Department due to being positive or being a close contact to a positive case 

  • Students in isolation or quarantine will be provided additional support because the quarantine period is a longer stretch of time (>3 days) 
  • If the student is feeling well enough, teachers will provide at-home work via Google Classroom, Canvas, and/or go-home packets.
  • A designated substitute teacher will serve as a liaison with the classroom teachers, the student and the parent. This staff member will check-in daily with quarantined students and serve as a liaison between the teachers and the family.
  • Attendance credit will be given if the student is turning in work and checking in with the teacher liaison. 
  • If your child isn't feeling well, please focus on rest and recovery. Absences are considered excused. Teacher(s) will work with your child on catching up and make-up work later. 

Case 3: An entire class needs to go into quarantine 

  • TK-5 classes will shift immediately to an online Zoom/Google Meet format for the duration of the quarantine. 
  • For grades 6-8, the designated teacher liaison will meet with teachers and have class work/lessons ready within 24 hours for students who must quarantine.
  • Older students have been issued chromebooks that they bring back and forth daily between home and school. For our younger students where chromebooks are kept at school for safe keeping, we will deploy the chromebooks for pick up within 24 hours of a class going into quarantine.

As a reminder, SUSD follows the COVID-19 health, safety, and quarantine protocols as set by the California Department of Public Health and Santa Clara County Public Health Department. Layered prevention strategies against COVID-19 are in place in collaboration with our local and state public health partners, our staff, and of course our student families who continue to mask, vaccinate age-eligible family members, and who keep symptomatic children home. We thank you for your continued commitment to keeping our students and staff safe!

Lastly, as you know there is a shortage of qualified teachers so the hiring process has been challenging. If you know of a qualified applicant who is credentialed as a teacher or substitute teacher, please have them apply on

If you have any questions, please reach out to your teacher or principal.