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Comprehensive Sexuality Education Memo to the Saratoga Community and Parent Workshops

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Comprehensive Sexuality Education 
Memo to the Saratoga Union School District Community

In January of 2016, the state of California passed the California Healthy Youth Act (CHYA), which mandates comprehensive sexual education at least once in grades 7 or 8. While SUSD has been teaching human growth and development in grades 5 and 7 for many years, the middle school curriculum is no longer compliant with the new law.

The law mandates that all California school districts provide students with comprehensive sexual health education at least once in middle school (Grade 7 or 8) and high school. To learn more about the law and the content required review these Frequently Asked Questions.

In November 2016, SUSD formed a Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) Working Group, comprised of district teachers, nurse, administrators, board members, and community members, in partnership with the Director of the Bay Area Communities for Health Education. The role of the CSE Working Group includes reviewing and discussing curricula and supplemental programs/materials, as well as bringing forth recommendations for the school board to approve.

Here is the proposed timeline for this work:

Nov 2016 - June 2017: CSE Working Group meetings: learning about the CHYA law, development of process, consideration of community and student needs, evaluation of curriculum materials

May 2017: Status quo: 7th grade Human Growth and Development curriculum (current curriculum in place for many years addressing some health standards which do not yet incorporate the new health standards)

Spring 2017: Parent Education Workshops (April 18 and May 2 - information below)

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 CSE Working Group continues meeting/researching new standards and curriculum Teacher/Parent preview of potential CSE programs 5th and 8th grade pilot programs for in-depth examination

Winter 2018: Recommendation of CSE curriculum to SUSD Board of Trustees for adoption

Spring 2018 Professional Development planned for implementation of CSE curriculum in 5th and 8th grade (shifted from 7th to 8th grade in SUSD)

This spring, the CSE Working Group will hold two parent workshops which will help parents:

April 18th:
● Understand the new state requirements as defined in the CA Healthy Youth Act
● Briefly review scientific data that show how CSE improves overall health outcomes as well as academic outcomes for students
● Become acquainted with the objectives of the CSE Working Group and the process that the Group is using to develop a Scope and Sequence for CSE for the Saratoga Union School District.

May 2nd:
● Learn about the social, emotional, and physical development of children, and how to create an ongoing, age-appropriate dialogue with kids at any age and stage.
● Establish themselves as their child’s main resource for information
● Gain tools for initiating conversations with their child and answering their tricky questions. 

Please join us on Tuesday, April 18th at 6:30 - 8 pm and/or Tuesday May 2nd at 6:30 - 8 pm. Both presentations will be at the Redwood Middle School Library. Mandarin translation will be available at both presentations.
Parents are highly encouraged to please review the following document prior to attending the parent workshops:  CA Healthy Youth Act Overview  

Mandarin Version Available Below
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加州在2016年1月通過了加州健康青年法案(CHYA),法案中要求對七年級或八年級生提供至少一次全面式性教育課程。雖然學區(Saratoga Union School District¸ 簡稱SUSD) 多年來在五年級和七年級時教導人類成長與發展課程,然而中學課綱已不再符合新的法律標準。


2016年十一月,SUSD組成了包括學區教師、護士、行政人員、學區委員會成員和社區成員的全面式性教育(Comprehensive Sexuality Education¸ 簡稱CSE)工作組,,並與灣區健康教育社群 (Bay Area Communites for Health Education) 主任共同合作。全面式性教育工作組的職責包括審議和討論課綱和補充課程/教材,以及提出將交由校區委員會批准的建議。


2016年11月- 2017年6月: CSE工作組會議:學習有關CHYA法,建構程序,參考社區和學生的需求,評量課綱教材

2017年5月: 維持現狀:七年級人類成長與發展課程(現今已採用多年的課綱,介紹尚未納入新版健康標準的現有健康標準)

2017春: 家長教育研習會(4月18日和5月2日- 資訊如下)

2017秋-2018春 CSE工作組繼續開會/研究新標準和課綱

2018年冬: 對SUSD 學區委員會提出CSE課綱採用的建議案

2018年春: 為執行5年級和8年級CSE課綱而計劃的專業培訓


● 了解在加州健康青年法中所規定新的州政府要求
● 簡要檢視CSE(全面試性教育)如何增進學生總體地健康成果及學術表現的科學數據
● 熟悉CSE工作組的目標和工作組用來為本學區設計CSE範圍和順序(Scope and Sequence)的過程。

● 了解孩子的社會,情感和身體發育,以及如何與孩子在任何年齡和階段開始持續性及適齡的對話。
● 建立家長自己做為孩子信息的主要資源
● 獲得與他們的孩子開啟對話的工具,並回答孩子們棘手的提問。

請參加我們4月18日星期二 晚上6:30-8:00和/或 5月2日星期二晚上6:30-8:00的家長說明會。這兩個說明會都在Redwood中學圖書館舉行。兩個說明會都將提供中文翻譯。