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Viewing and Participating in your School Directory and Class Lists

Your school and classroom directories are a great way to reach out to other parents to schedule playdates, ask questions, etc.

All SUSD Parents have access to ParentSquare once their child(ren) is enrolled. Remember to:

  1. Activate your account
  2. Download the ParentSquare App
  3. Check your account settings by clicking on your name at the top of the page, then click "My Account"
  4. Be part of your school directory by unhiding your email/phone. The directory is viewable only by your school's families and staff. 
  5. If your contact information is incorrect, contact your school office or district office. Information in ParentSquare is synced nightly from PowerSchool so if there is incorrect information, the change must be made in PowerSchool by your school office.

School Directory

  1. Login to ParentSquare, select the school
  2. Under "Explore", click "Directory"
  3. From there you can search for a user (parent or staff) or select the grade level listing 
  4. Click on the associated parent contact name to view contact information shared by the parent

School directory page


Class Listing

  1. Log into ParentSquare on a computer. Select the school. Your child's class list(s) can be viewed by logging into ParentSquare on a computer. The list is not viewable from the mobile app.
  2. Click on "My Schools, Classes, and Groups" on the top right
  3. Select the class to  show your class page and posts
  4. Click "Directory" on the left to view your class list and contact information for parents if they shared their email or phone

Class directory graphic



If you ever need help on how to do something in ParentSquare, click "?" at the top of the page of your ParentSquare account for Help Articles.