SUSD Communication Channels

  • red arrow District parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to stay apprised of school and district news via school eNews, websites, and social media (see below). If your email address, phone number, or textable phone number changes, please contact your school office immediately.

Emergency Notifications

  • In event of school emergency, evacuation, school closure, etc, parents/guardians will be alerted via automated email, text, and/or voice message. The contact email address and phone number are provided at time of online registration (new student) or during the annual student information update (continuing students). If your contact information changes, please notify your school office immediately.

    During an emergency, the district's communication priority is to notify parents/guardians of current students first via text, email, and/or voice message. NextDoor, facebook, and other other social media will be updated only when there is staff bandwidth to do so.

    Please refrain from calling the school or district office as the phone lines need to be kept open for emergency personnel. Parents/Guardians will be sent updates as soon as we are able.

    Visit the Emergency and Safety webpage for information about school safety plans and procedures.


  • eNews is emailed approximately once or twice per week by your child's school to parents/guardians only.  eNews contains important reminders and updates from your school, district, and Superintendent. For more information, visit the eNews FAQ.  If your email address changes, please notify your school office immediately.

Social Media

School and District Websites

School Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

  • Agendas and meeting minutes from the SUSD Board of Trustee meetings are posted on Agenda Online

    Reminders about upcoming Board meetings and Board Office Hours are also sent via eNews.