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Registration Documentation

The following documentation is needed to start the registration process. If you do not currently have all of the items, please read more about conditional registration.

Registration Documents (these items plus Proofs of Residency)

Statement of Residency form 

Proof of Age

  • An original birth certificate, birth record, baptism certificate, or passport. When no other forms of documentation are obtainable, an affidavit by the parent, guardian, or custodian of the minor, or any other appropriate means of proving the age of the child is permissible. (Education Code 48002)

Parent/Guardian Identification

  • Driver’s license, passport, or other photo ID card

Student's current immunization record in English 

  • Signed and dated by your physician or with physician/medical group letterhead

AND Proofs of Residency Within SUSD

ONE: showing homeownership or rental

  • Current property tax bill from the county
  • Official Deed of Trust from the county
  • Lease/Rental Agreement signed and valid for the current school year

BOTH: utility bills

  • Current PG&E bill showing at least 30 days usage at the residence
  • One additional current utility bill (water, internet, sanitation, phone)

ONE: other mailing

  • DMV vehicle registration; IRS, Social Security, or government agency mailing; Registrar of Voters or election ballot mailing; juror summons; employer paystub; dwelling insurance; USPS address change verification; credit card bill

CO-RESIDENCY: If you are residing with a family that resides in SUSD boundaries, please contact the District Office for the Affidavit of Residence and Co-Residency registration/residency requirements

CAREGIVER: If you are providing full time day and overnight care to a student and are a qualified Caregiver or Guardian residing in SUSD, please contact District Office for the Caregiver's Authorization Affidavit and registration/residency requirements.

CONDITIONAL REGISTRATION: If your family is in the process of moving and you cannot provide all of the residency materials listed above, SUSD will accept a conditional registration with modified documentation. Please read more information about conditional registration.

Saratoga Union School District will actively investigate all cases where it has reason to believe false residency information has been provided, including use of a School Attendance Officer to verify residency status. This may include unannounced home visits.