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Elementary School Placement Notification and Waitlist

For newly enrolled students, families will be notified of their K-5 school placement in early August or a few days prior to starting school if enrolling midyear.  If you have not completed the registration process or have not cleared immunizations or the TB risk assessment, your child will not be able to attend school. 



If your child is not placed at your first choice school at the start of the school year, your student will automatically go onto a waitlist for your first choice school.  The waitlists are maintained for the first 2 weeks of school.  If your student does not move off the waitlist during the first 2 weeks, your student will complete the school year at the current school.  Waitlists are not maintained after the first 2 weeks.


Currently enrolled students may request a K-5 transfer for the following school year in January.  As a continuing student, he/she will have placement priority over any new student just moving into the district.  In most cases, we can notify you in July if the transfer can take place.  Watch your eNews for information regarding school transfer requests. 


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