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Course Placement for Grades 6-8

New-to-district middle school students (grades 6, 7, 8) are placed into standard grade level courses for English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, and P.E. Depending on grade level, students may also select elective courses based on his/her interests and space availability. 


At the time of registration, please upload your child's most recent report card and standardized testing results into the registration system. This helps us determine appropriate course placement.


If your student needs additional support, please upload a copy of prior 504 plans or IEP.


In addition, optional math assessments will be held for new students to determine if an accelerated level of math course is appropriate for the student.  You will receive information on the optional math assessments and how to sign up when you register. Math assessments for new-to-district students typically take place in May or June. Your child must be registered with the district in order to take the math placement assessments.


Students who have completed registration and cleared immunizations may pick up their school schedule in August about 2 days before school starts. You will be notified via email about schedule pick-up dates and new student orientation. 


Visit the following pages to learn about Redwood courses, electives, and math pathways: