COVID-19 Symptom Screening for SUSD Staff

  • coronavirus graphic SUSD staff should complete the COVID-19 symptom screening per Santa Clara County health protocol via your ParentSquare app (log in and look for the brown rectangle or heart) BEFORE reporting to work. All staff must screen on their work days whether you are on site or working from home.

    If you are working on site, report to the office, sign/scan in, and obtain a "cleared" sticker to place on your shirt (where it’s visible) as a proof that you have been cleared to enter your workplace. This will also assure your coworkers that you've been screened.

    If you are coming on site to work during off-hours (e.g. after-school, weekends), you should also fill out a daily health screening on ParentSquare (no sticker is needed).

    Please be observant of other safety protocols, such as mask-wearing, social-distancing, washing or disinfecting your hands frequently, and cleaning and disinfecting workspaces. 

    As essential workers, staff are encouraged to get tested for COVID-19 every 2 weeks. Thank you for keeping our SUSD learning community safe!

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COVID-19 Testing Resources