Student Safety Tip Line

  • See Something? Say Something!

    We are here to help you!
    Text or leave voice message
    (408) 359-7601 or

    If you or someone you know is in IMMEDIATE danger, call 911 first!


    You can email, text, or call to report concerns you have about the safety of others, or your own safety. Your report can be anonymous, meaning you don’t have to tell your name.

    Or if you would like to talk to someone about your concern and don't feel comfortable writing about it, just provide your contact information and someone from the district will contact you.

    Whether you are a witness or target, you are helping us maintain a positive and safe school environment for all of our students. Thank you.

    If a situation arises and it's not an immediate threat, or is during non-school hours, there may be a delayed response time. For immediate safety concerns, always call 911.

Things You Should Report On

  • Grades 3-8 students can anonymously report:

    Bullying, planned fights, students in crisis, threats of violence, weapons at school, any other urgent situation

    What is a Good Tip?

    • include location of incident(s)
    • date and approximate time of incident
    • name of the victim (target)
    • name of the bully (aggressor)
    • description of incident(s)

    What is a Bad Tip?

    Any important piece of information missing such that the tip cannot be investigated due to lack of information 

    School and district staff are here to help you. Thank you for helping us maintain a positive and safe school environment for all of our students!

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Gaggle Safety Tip Line Information


    Saratoga Union School District is committed to using the most effective measures to ensure the safety of our students and schools. Toward that goal, the district has implemented the Gaggle SpeakUp Safety Tip Line in order to provide a simple way for students to alert staff to threats or possible incidents of self-harm, harm to others, or harm to school facilities.  Concerns such as bullying, peers or self in crisis, and other unsafe conditions can be reported quickly and anonymously by text, and/or voicemail sent to 408-359-7601 or email to

    Trained Gaggle safety representatives monitor SpeakUp tips 24 hours every day, and are poised to send an email regarding non-life-threatening situations to designated school or district staff. They will also call school officials in emergency situations and may contact local law enforcement when appropriate.  District staff will then follow up with parents and students as needed.

    In addition, another effective safety e-tool, GoGuardian, is also in use. GoGuardian allows teachers and administrators to monitor students’ online activity (on their school accounts only), including search queries and Google Drive for all students. Middle schoolers’ school account Gmail is also monitored with GoGuardian. This monitoring occurs during the instructional day and only when students are logged in to their school Google accounts.

    Given our ever-changing and complex world, these tools have been implemented to provide another safety net for our students.