• Welcome to the Saratoga Union School District Kindergarten Program! 

     To determine if your child is age eligible for Kindergarten in SUSD, or how to enroll,
    please visit the registration and enrollment page. 

Kindergarten Schedule

  • Starting in 2018-2019 the Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten program will on an extended day schedule except for the first four weeks of school.

    During the first 4 weeks of the school year, all Kinders and TKers attend school from 8:30 a.m to 12:10 p.m. every day.

    Starting the 4th week of school on September 17, 2018, Kinders/TKers will begin the extended day schedule where they will stay in school until 2:10 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. On Wednesday SLCT Days (Staff Learning and Collaboration Days) the Kindergartners are dismissed at 12:10.

    Kinders/TKers may purchase hot lunch or bring their own lunch on extended days or Wednesdays if he/she is attending Clubhouse (afterschool care). Students eat lunch in the cafeteria along with the upper-grade students, but at their own Kindergarten table. Lunch recess is at their own dedicated Kindergarten playground. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Kindergarten are answered in the FAQ at the right side of this page. To determine if your child is eligible to enroll in Kindergarten please visit the Enrollment pages.

How to Enroll in Kindergarten

  • Enrollment for Kindergarten takes place at the District Office. If you are starting in mid year or wish to enroll for the next year, please visit the Enrollment pages.  

    On the Enrollment pages, you will learn: 

    • Is my child old enough to attend Kindergarten or Transitional Kindergarten
    • Is my residence in Saratoga Union School District?
    • How are elementary school assigned?
    • When can I attend a Kindergarten classroom tour?
    • and more

Kindergarten Resources

  • KinderKids



  • Please contact the SUSD Registration Office (408) 867-3424, extension 0 or email 

    To determine if your child is age eligible for Kindergarten, district residency, or enrollment dates, please visit the Enrollment page.