Student 2 Student Conference

  • Each spring, Saratoga Union School District hosts the Student 2 Student Conference. The conference's mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of our students! Students present on a myriad of topics of their choosing. On the day of conference, they present in a TED-style talk to the conference attendees. Due to the high number of participants, conference attendees can choose from a variety of sessions and topics to watch. We welcome our community to be an attendee and encourage our students on their learning journey! 
    The Student 2 Student Conference:
    • supports students in discovering, developing and sharing their ideas in the form of TED-style talks.
    • provides a space for students to explore, think critically about and discuss ideas. 
    • serves as a platform that helps students develop presentation literacy skills while connecting them to their community

2020 S2S Conference Information

  • 8th Annual
    Student 2 Student

    Register to be a Presenter!

    SUSD Students in grades 3-8 may register online at 
    starting December 10 through January 26

    Presenter slots fill quickly so apply soon!

    Conference date/time
    Saturday, March 7, 2020
    12:30-4:00 p.m.
    Redwood Middle School

Call For Presenters. Registration Due January 26.

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Presentation Topics, Spring 2019

  • The topics listed below were presented at last year's S2S Conference in March 2019.
    They are listed just for reference. We welcome new presentation topics!

    Foods & Cooking

    Gummy Bears
    Cake Decorating
    Gluten Free Cupcakes
    Science of Baking

    Sports & Games

    Walk & Run
    History of Video Games
    Making Video Games
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Snake Games
    Math Behind Magic
    Mobius Band

    Science & Technology

    Black Holes
    Atom Facts
    Preventing Global Warming
    Windmill Generator
    Glow-in-the-Dark Lights
    Python Programming
    How Technology Helps
    A Computer's Mind
    Google Home
    Tesla Coils
    HTML Basics
    Swift Programmng
    3D Animations
    3D Printing

    Arts & Crafts

    Paper Origami
    Pokemon Illustrations
    Mandala Dot Paintings

    Music & Dance

    Tik Tok
    Rap Songs
    Sing Like a Pro
    History of Guitar
    History of Jazz
    Folkdances of India
    Sound Recording

    Travel & Animals

    Interesting Flags
    Currencies of the World
    Philippines Ocean
    The Ox
    Rabbit Facts
    Kakapo Birds

    History & General Interest

    Gold Rush
    History of the Phoenix
    Greek Mythology
    Secret of Dollar Bills
    Being Super Duper
    The Newborn
    Contact Lenses
    Central Nervous System
    Stamp Collecting
    Pink v Blue