District English Language Acquisition Committee (DELAC)

  • DELAC meetings are typically held 4-5 times per school year. The committee is headed by Roberta Zarea, Director of Educational Services. Members include a school site principal, teachers and parent representatives. 

    SUSD Parents/Guardians:  Parents/Guardians are invited to attend any of these meetings to learn more about our English Learner (EL) programs and/or provide your feedback!  If you are interested in becoming an official committee member, please contact educationalservices@saratogausd.org.

    2017-2018 Committee Roster 

    • Shannon Avina - ELD Teacher, Redwood
    • Laurie Brandt - District Literacy Coach and Elementary ELD Teacher
    • Marion Dickel - ELA/ELD Teacher on Special Assignment
    • Laurie Marshall - Teacher on Special Assignment, Elementary ELD Teacher
    • Kwan Share - EL Aide, Foothill
    • Mariann Smith - EL Aide, Argonaut
    • Laura Torres - EL Aide, Saratoga, Redwood
    • Sandy Waite-Lopez, Foothill Teacher
    • Roberta Zarea - Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, SUSD 
    • Evelyn Fang, Foothill parent
    • Hang Gao, Foothill family
    • Jessica Yan, Foothill parent
    • Suzanne von Stern, Redwood parent
    • Cynthia Miller, Board member
    • Patty Buchanan, Board member (alternate)

    2017- 2018 DELAC Meeting Dates (All Monday meetings at District Office Large Conference Room)

DELAC Presentation - Description of English Learner Programs (3-27-17)

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DELAC Meeting Presentation May 21, 22, 2018

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