Parcel Tax Measure B - Protecting Core Academic Programs

  • On May 8, 2012, voters approved the Measure B Parcel Tax assessment of $68 per parcel per year.  The tax expires after 8 years. The tax is assessed against each parcel of taxable land in the school district. A parcel is defined as any parcel of land which lies wholly or partially within the boundaries of Saratoga Union School District, and receives a separate tax bill for property taxes from the Santa Clara County Assessor/Tax  Collector's Office.

    The Parcel Tax proceeds help ensure reliable funding that cannot be taken away from the state.  Parcel tax funds will:

    • Protect outstanding core academic programs in reading, writing, math and science
    • Retain highly qualified teachers
    • Support hands-on science classes for all grades
    • Help protect the number of instructional days in the school year
    • Provide books and instructional materials, including classroom technology

    No proceeds are used for administrative salaries and benefits.  Exemption Forms are available for senior citizens and recipients of SSI for a disability.

    The students and staff of the district are profoundly grateful for the support from our community!

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

  • One of SUSD’s commitments is to maintain accountability and transparency with all expenditures of Measure B dollars.  A key component of that commitment is maintaining an independent Oversight Committee that is to annually review the District’s compliance with the terms of Measure B.  The committee is designed to include parents/guardians as well as Saratoga community members.
    The Saratoga Union School District Board of Trustees thanks Saratoga community members who are willing to serve on the Measure B Parcel Tax Oversight Committee.  Committee members are:
    • Eric Cao (new)
    • Christopher Kinn (new)
    • Bethsheba Orero (returning)
    • Jeff Pangborn (re-applied for 2-year term)
    • Melissa Stanis (new)

    For more information about service on this committee, please see the Board Bylaw.