• Clubhouse is a K-5th grade before-and-after school childcare program provided by Los Gatos-Saratoga Community Education and Recreation, located directly on the school campus. Our Clubhouse program creates a home away from home atmosphere “where kids can be kids” while receiving the support needed to help them grow and be successful. We offer children the opportunity to explore, socialize and learn new things, in a secure and nurturing environment. We strive to maintain a strong sense of community for all students and families we serve.


    We offer the following activities:


    Enrichment Activities:

    Participants will enjoy a wide variety of enriching activities – such as sports, art, cooking, science, creative and interactive games, interest based clubs and more!

    Service Learning Projects:

    Each month, students focus on a service learning project. Through active, hands-on participation in service learning activities, children gain a better understanding of what it means to care about and help others in their community and worldwide. Students come away with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing they can truly make a positive difference in the lives of others.


    Character Education:

    Clubhouse is a place where kids participate in activities focused on teamwork, responsibility, building self-esteem, caring , integrity, respect, honesty and valuing each other as unique individuals.

    Student Support Services:

    Parents can sign their child up for Homework Club. Students are provided a quite space to complete their daily assignments with staff support. Ask directors at the Clubhouse for more information.


    Holiday Camps:

    Clubhouse offers holiday camps when schools are closed.

    Kindergarten Program:

    A place for children to play with their friends and engage in fun activities, such as arts and crafts, cooking, age appropriate games, interactive story time and so much more. Through close collaboration with the school and teachers, we lend student support to help reinforce what is being taught in the classroom. Children are assisted in further developing their motor skills, cognitive thinking, social skills and creativity in a fun and nurturing environment. The security of knowing your child will be walked to and from class, always in the presence of an adult -- remaining on the school campus at all times.

Contact Information

  • Foothill Clubhouse Phone:  (408) 867-6646

    Elementary School Services Supervisor – Manuel Enriquez (408) 207-4927
    Clubhouse Bookkeeper
    – Maria Espinoza (408) 395-2918
    Elementary School Services Coordinator, Enrichment
    – Danielle Chain 207-4923