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Saratoga Education Foundation

  • Every child, every day, benefits from SEF 

    Founded in 1982 by Saratoga parents and community members, SEF’s ongoing focus is promoting a quality and balanced educational experience for the children in the Saratoga Union School District.

    As difficult as it may be to believe, each and every school year, there is inadequate state funding for California schools (including the Saratoga Union School District) for programs like music, art, physical education, computer instruction and curriculum enhancing science programs.  Saratoga Education Foundation believes that the whole child is nurtured and developed with programs such as these.

    The SEF mission is to raise funds from our district parents and community to enable the Saratoga Union School District to provide these types of programs to Saratoga children. SEF is funded entirely by donations from local businesses and families like yours!

    Thanks to these donations, SEF was able to raise $795,025 for the 2016-17 school year to SUSD! These donations are critical to helping our district continue to provide an excellent education for our children.

    Please visit the SEF WEBSITE for important information regarding donations, SEF funded staff members, and upcoming SEF events.