Educational Services

  • Welcome! The Saratoga Union School District Educational Services Department encompasses a variety of functions including curriculum, testing and assessment, and special projects. Please use the subject links on this page to explore different educational areas of support.

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  • During the school year, parents/guardians will be notified via eNews of upcoming Educational Services informational meetings and events. The public also is welcome to attend SUSD Board of Trustee meetings as Educational Services updates are often on the agenda.

    For questions, please contact us:

    Moira Barker

    Assistant Superintendent
    408.867.3424, extension 206

    Lisa Gilligan

    Administrative Assistant
    408.867.3424, extension 220

Educational Services - Areas of Support

  • Curriculum and Standards

    • English and Language Arts (ELA)
    • English Language Development (ELD)
    • Mathematics
    • Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
    • Physical Education (PE)
    • Social Studies
    • Art
    • Music
    • Technology

    State Assessments

    • Smarter Balanced (SBAC) Summative Math and ELA/Literacy
      • Administered annually to students in grades 3-8 in late spring
    • California Science Test (CAST)
      • Administered annually to students in grades 5 and 8 in late spring
    • California Alternate Assessment (CAA)
      • Administered annually to eligible students with significant cognitive disabilities and whose individualized education program (IEP) team has designated the use of an alternate assessment on statewide summative assessments in Math and ELA (grades 3-8), and Science (grades 5 and 8).
    • English Language Proficiency Assessments for CA (ELPAC)
      • Initial ELPAC: Administered when a new student starts school in SUSD if a language other than English is the student's primary language
      • Summative ELPAC: Students who are designated as English Learners are tested annually to monitor progress they are deemed fluent in English.
    • Fitness Gram Physical Education
      • Administered to students in grades 5 and 7 in spring. The Fitness Gram measures area of fitness including strength, flexibility, body mass, and endurance.

    District Data and Assessments

    • Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)
    • Middle school math placement assessments
    • MARS (Mathematics Assessment Resource Service) Math Performance Assessments
    • Elementary writing workshop assessments
    • Curriculum-embedded assessments
    • Progress monitoring of students and student groups

    Additional Areas of Support

    • Academics and Curriculum
      • Academic Summer School
      • DreamBox - online math learning
      • Elementary Progress Updates (report cards)
      • Field Trips
      • Health & Comprehensive Sexuality Education
      • Instructional Minutes
      • Project Lead The Way (PLTW)
      • STEMscopes
      • Saratoga Education Foundation Enrichment Programs (Visual Art, Music, Elementary Science Aides, Rhythm & Moves)
      • Wellness, Social Emotional Literacy (Project Cornerstone)
    • Planning and Accountability
      • Attendance and SARB (School Attendance Review Board)
      • DELAC (District English Language Advisory Committee)
      • English Learner Programs & Services
      • Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)
      • Safety & Emergency Plans and Committee
      • School Accountability Report Card (SARC)
      • Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSA)
      • State and Federal Compliance Mandates
      • Title IX Coordinator
      • 504 Plan Coordinator
      • Principals’ Meetings
    • Professional Development/Instructional Support
      • Innovative Leadership Team (Teachers on Special Assignment and Instructional Coaches)
      • District Leadership Team
      • Professional Development for teachers, administrators, and classified staff
      • STEAM Team (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)
    • Parent Education

    You may find this Glossary of acronyms and definitions helpful!

Education Standards and Instruction to State Standards

    • K-5 SUSD Progress Update (Report Card) Guide: 
      This is your guide to the SUSD Progress Updates. An effective family engagement system includes multiple ways of communicating with you about your child's performance and progress.
    • Common Core State Standards (CCSS):
      The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were developed through a state-led initiative to establish consistent and clear education standards for English-language arts and mathematics that would better prepare students for success in college, career, and the competitive global economy.

    • Smarter Balanced Assessment: 
      The SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium is a state-led consortium working to develop next-generation assessments that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards and that accurately measure student progress toward college and career readiness.

    • 21st Century Learning: 
      Today's students are moving beyond the basics and embracing the 4 C's: Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Creativity.

    Common Core Logo