School Site Council

  • The Saratoga School Site Council (SSC) is a voting council made up of representatives of the school community (principal, parents, teachers and school staff). Council members develop programs and focus on school goals and the school environment. Council members serve a two year term and meetings are the last Wednesday of each month.

    The Role of the SSC is to:
         ~ Develop a Single Plan for Student Achievement
         ~ Recommend the plan to the governing board (State) for approval
         ~ Monitor the implementation of the plan
         ~ Evaluate the results
         ~ Annually revise and recommend a new Single Plan for Student Achievement

    2018-2019 Roster

    • Brian White - Principal
    • Melissa Stanis - President/Parent
    • Amanda Follmar - Parent
    • Ruchi Rangnath - Parent
    • Anne Borgia Camp - 3rd Grade Teacher
    • Jackie Wilhem - 4th Grade Teacher