• Project Cornerstone

    Project Cornerstone


    Project Cornerstone was founded in 1999 after a survey showed that most youth in Santa Clara County are missing the positive relationships, opportunities, values, and skills— known collectively as “developmental assets”—that provide the foundation for a healthy, successful future.  In general, the more developmental assets that young people possess, the more likely they are to avoid risky behaviors and engage in positive, healthy activities.  At Redwood Middle School we are constantly looking to provide meaningful learning experiences for our students where they feel safe, have a sense of community, and have a rich network of trusted adult role models.  You can read about the history and vision of Project Cornerstone on their website.

    Monthly Project Cornerstone Lessons

    One day each month, on our early release ‘select’ Thursdays, our school staff create a school-wide lesson that is taught to all students.  Every teacher delivers the lesson that was created that month so that all students receive the same instructional activity. 

    Each lesson is based on one of the 41 Developmental Assets from Project Cornerstone.  Teams pick one of the 41 specific developmental assets and then create a fun activity tailored to that asset.  We share the theme of the lesson with parents through our weekly eNews and provide a notation that can be used as a conversation starter with their child.