• March 27, 2023


    Happy Monday Redwood families!

    We made it to the last full week of March.  You may recall from one of my earlier blurbs that March is not only a month but a verb when it comes to education.  It just goes and goes.  It's like they slipped in an extra Monday without telling anyone.  Caesar had his own thoughts about March too (et tu Brute?), but I digress. I hope that you enjoyed the sun over the weekend, although a bit chilly, it was a nice reminder that Spring will be upon us whenever it finally stops raining.  By the way, brace yourselves for the next atmospheric event, which will hopefully be our last of the season.
    The big news on campus is standardized testing. Students will be practicing their testing prowess at the end of this week and the "real" testing will begin after Spring Break.  A notification with the details will be forthcoming later today. Check ParentSquare for the specifics.  In order to accommodate the testing window we will be slightly modifying our daily schedule.  This modification will not affect the start or end time of school, but any change of cadence can disrupt, ever so slightly, a child's mood or demeanor.  You have been forewarned, although there is a multitude of reasons that your middle schooler could be grumpy as you know all so well, I'm just adding another to the list.
    On a final note, we are holding our annual staff vs. student basketball game this Friday so if you see any staff members limping or looking a bit worse for wear next week you know why.  Oh, to be young again!
    Have a great week.

    Steve Hamm