Special Education in Saratoga Union School District

  • Special Education programs are available to all eligible students from preschool through 8th grade in Saratoga Union School District. If you have reason to believe your child needs special education, please contact your child's teacher or principal at any time during the school year, or speak with the registrar at time of new student enrollment. For parents of preschool-age students, please contact the district Special Education Department directly at (408) 867-3424, extension 212.

Special Education Staff Directory

District Office

Last Name First Name Phone Title Email
Granger Erin x211 Behavior Specialist egranger@saratogausd.org
Lindeman Heather x210 Special Education Secretary hlindeman@saratogausd.org
Rezowalli Brittany x228 Psychologist brezowalli@saratogausd.org
Special Education Department x212 Main Line hlindeman@saratogausd.org
Textor Debbie x212 Director of Special Education dtextor@saratogausd.org

Argonaut Elementary

Last Name First Name Phone Title Email
Baker Beth x240 Occupational Therapist bbaker@saratogausd.org
Fanucchi Kim x222 Resource Specialist kfanucchi@saratogausd.org
Pending x217 Speech Pathologist
Rocabado Jennifer x231 Psychologist jrocabado@saratogausd.org

Foothill Elementary

Last Name First Name Phone Title Email
Allen Marissa x207 Teacher - Special Day Class mallen@saratogausd.org
Baker Beth x208 Occupational Therapist bbaker@saratogausd.org
Goldetsky Glenna x225 Psychologist ggoldetsky@saratogausd.org
Greenberg Dawn x214 Speech Pathologist dgreenberg@saratogausd.org
Greenberg Elana x225 Speech Pathologist egreenberg@saratogausd.org
Lee Rosanna x201 Teacher - Preschool Special Day Class rlee@saratogausd.org
Paolini Julie x203 Resource Specialist jpaolini@saratogausd.org
Smyrl Karen x202 Teacher - Special Day Class ksmyrl@saratogausd.org
Talia Kristina x217 Teacher - Special Day Class ktalia@saratogausd.org

Saratoga Elementary

Last Name First Name Phone Title Email
Bacon Adriann x230 Speech Pathologist abacon@saratogausd.org
Griffin Courtney x216 Resource Specialist cgriffin@saratogausd.org
Rezowalli Brittany x208 Psychologist brezowalli@saratogausd.org

Redwood Middle School

Last Name First Name Phone Title Email
Bastani Fariba x102 Teacher - Special Day Class fbastani@saratogausd.org
Carlos-Quiggins Christine x101 Teacher - Special Day Class cquiggins@saratogausd.org
Johnson Jessica x103 Occupational Therapist jjohnson@saratogausd.org
Jones Nate x280 Psychologist njones@saratogausd.org
Kinczel Kristen x104 Speech Pathologist kkinczel@saratogausd.org
Pending x104 Speech Pathologist
Schultz Amanda x165 8th Grade Resource Specialist aschultz@saratogausd.org
Skelton Debbie x124 7th Grade Resource Specialist dskelton@saratogausd.org
Sprenger Cassie x163 6th Grade Resource Specialist csprenger@saratogausd.org
Tiu Stephanie x502 Psychologist stu@saratogausd.org