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RMS task force phase 3- jan 30,2017


Redwood Task Force Begins Research, Hosts Community Forums and

Receives Robust Response from Alumni Survey This Month 

January 30, 2017 Update from the Superintendent and RMS Principal 

We are pleased to provide a brief report on the recent and robust progress of the Redwood Middle School Task Force, which kicked-off in December and continues to explore in-depth various areas to celebrate and opportunities for continued improvement at RMS. 

As of January, the Task Force moved into Phase 3 of its work. The 22-person team comprised of teachers, staff, parents, administrators and board members is focused on studying ideas in the following areas at Redwood: 

  • Student and community wellness
  • School climate, culture and safety
  • Student choice and electives
  • School schedule 

In-Person Community Forums.  The current research phase will take place from January-March and will be informed, in part, by community input collected during Phase 1 & 2, as well as two recent in-person parent and community forums plus a teacher/staff forum hosted Jan. 24-26 in the Redwood Library.   

On-line Research Ideas. Also In the month of January, the Task Force surveyed the current RMS parent community which resulted in 45 completed online surveys to help define and refine the four focus areas with specific suggestions for research or model programs for review.   

Alumni and Elementary Family Surveys. In addition, more than 100 alumni and/or their parents, and families with younger students in grades TK-5, completed a broader community survey regarding what was important to them in middle school education or, for alumni, the impact of their Redwood educational experience and ways in which RMS can improve. 

Board Update Feb. 16.  The Task Force will be preparing a comprehensive overview for the Board of Trustees and community regarding the recent research ideas shared in the January forums and online surveys.  This will be prepared for the February 16 school board meeting and shared online with the community on our Task Force webpage. 

Next Steps. During February and March, the Redwood Task Force will be reviewing community feedback and research ideas, as well as conducting its own research into the areas of focus.  Task force members have already begun to draft working definitions of these areas, which they will refine in the weeks ahead.  In April and May, emerging and draft ideas will be shared with the Board, RMS teachers, staff, and the community prior to formal submission of recommendations to the Board in May.

For more information and an update on the history of the Task Force work this year, please visit:

Should you have any questions or comments to share with the Redwood Task Force at any time, please email:

Many thanks to all who have provided the Redwood Task Force with helpful information and ideas!

Warm regards,

Nancy Johnson and Barbara Neal