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RMS task force may 2017 update

Saratoga Union School District

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Extending Excellence

Redwood Middle School Task Force 2016-2017 

During the 2016-17 school year, the Redwood Middle School Task Force studied opportunities to enhance and improve: 

  • Student and Community Wellness
  • School Climate, Culture and Safety
  • Student Choice and Electives
  • School Schedule

Emerging Ideas Presented to Board of Trustees

The Task Force presented its culminating report and a summary of emerging ideas to the Saratoga Union School District Board on May 11, 2017 for discussion and consideration. 

The report includes an overview of the process and a summary of both shorter-term opportunities that might be implemented quickly, as well as longer-term projects to be considered over the next one to three years.

A PDF copy of the final report and ideas for consideration is available here:

2016-17 Culminating Task Force Report for Consideration  

The Board will review and discuss the report again at its meeting on May 25 for potential action and next steps regarding implementation, which would be refined in the months ahead.

Project Overview 

This final report, as well as the monthly updates posted to this website and available through the links on the right, provide a history of the project, which included extensive collaborative input with the community, teachers and staff, parents, students and alumni during the 2016-17 school year: 

  • Phase 1, July-September: Community Brainstorming
  • Phase 2, October-December: Task Force Formation
  • Phase 3, January - March: Development of Draft Ideas
  • Phase 4, April-May: Refinement of Ideas for Board Consideration

Contact Information and Appreciation       

Members of the community with comments or questions regarding the Task Force are invited to e-mail:

Please join the Saratoga Union School District in thanking the more than 500 community members who contributed to this project through in-person community forums and online surveys, and in particular to the 22 Task Force members who brainstormed ideas, researched opportunities, and reviewed community input for consideration.

2016-17 Task Force Members:

Teachers & Staff:
Alexis Nesper
Cassie Sprenger
Jason Robertson
Jennifer Rocabado
Jonathan Jow
Laressa Mead
Michelle Lehner
Nicole Burruss
Paul Navarro

Dede Smullen
Hong Zhang
Honglin (Rocky) Li
Ilaria Keogh
Matthew Andrews
Rita Cao
Savitha Raghothamarao
Sophia Lim
Susanne von Stern

SUSD Board Representatives: 
Patty Buchanan
Susan Germeraad

SUSD Administration:
Barbara Neal
Nancy Johnson

Facilitation by Centio Communications:
Lana Guernsey
Natalie Byrd