Got Spam?

  • Please be aware of the following facts about SPAM and what is being doing to alleviate the effects of it. As a district, we need and appreciate your cooperation as we work to minimize SPAM on our district server.

    What is SPAM & where does it come from?

    SPAM is electronic "junk mail". It is unsolicited, unwanted, irrelevant, or inappropriate messages, especially commercial advertising in mass quantities coming to your inbox from electronic junk mail clearing houses. 

    SUSD Average Daily Email Statistics chart What is SUSD doing to reduce SPAM?

    All email entering the district is filtered through an industry standard spam filter

    The graph depicts email statistics at SUSD. On a daily basis the district averages approximately 20,000 emails Over 92% of this total email is filtered out as spam, leaving approximately 8% of all received email as legitimate. A small amount of the 8% will be SPAM. It is unavoidable that a small percentage of SPAM will slip through our filters.

    It is the district policy to make a ‘best effort’ towards reducing spam while still allowing legitimate email to reach its intended recipient.


    What can you do?

    • Delete SPAM messages immediately
    • NEVER respond to any SPAM messages you receive
    • NEVER open attachments from suspected SPAM messages OR from any message you receive if you don’t recognize the sender 

    Some SPAM Facts (taken from a National Spam Statistics Survey in 2006):

    • Email that is considered SPAM: 40%
    • Estimated SPAM increase by 2007: 63%
    • Users who reply to SPAM: 28%
    • Users who purchased from SPAM email: 8%
    • Wasted employee time per SPAM e-mail: 4 seconds

    SPAM is an annoying fact of internet life. However the effects of SPAM can be reduced. Thank you for your help!