Phone Features

  • Site administrative assistants at each school site have been trained in the phones currently in use at all school sites. Please contact your site administrative assistant for help with your initial phone set-up. If you have further questions or difficulties with your phone, please contact the district office at (408) 867-3424, x214 or email TECHNOLOGY.

    To report on-going phone problems (i.e. echoing, dropped calls, etc.) please fill out and submit the PHONE ERROR LOG to TECHNOLOGY so the error can be traced.

    For more information about your phone features, please download the PHONE FAQs here or view below.

    Accessing your voicemail:

    • Press the "envelope" button to retrieve your voicemail.


    Accessing voice mail from a remote location:

    • Dial your "home base" phone number (example: Argonaut is 867-4773)
    • Wait for the Automated Attendant to answer
    • Press 1
    • Type in your extension and then press #
    • After you hear your message answer, press *
    • Type in your extension and then press #
    • Type in your password and then press #
    • You should be able to access your messages


    Call Forward to another campus phone:

    • Press the CFwdALL (Call forward ALL) softkey found on your LCD display
    • Enter the extension to which you want to forward all of your calls.
    • Press "end call" softkey
    • An animated phone icon with a flashing right arrow appears in the upper-right corner of the LCD screen. The LCD screen also displays a message confirming the extension to which your calls are being forwarded.
    • To cancel the CFwALL
      • Press the CFwALL softkey on your LCD screen again. LCD display should return to normal settings.


    Changing voice mail settings:

    • Dial 8 plus your extension (example 8+200)
    • Press the * key during the voice prompt
    • Enter user id (this is your extension) followed by the # (example 200+#)
    • Enter your password (until you change it, your password is the same as your extension)
    • Press 4 to enter setup options
    • Press 1 to record or modify main greeting
    • Press 2 to record or modify message settings
    • Press 3 to change personal settings - passwords, names, etc.
    • Press 0 for help
    • Press * to exit


    Suspend Phone Ringing:

    • On the LCD screen, press "more"
    • You will see three more options. Choose DND (Do Not Disturb)
    • DND will be listed on your LCD screen and your phone will not ring though you will see an "answer" button when a call is coming in.
    • To cancel the DND:
      • Press "more" on your LCD screen again
      • Press DND
      • You'll see the DND notification on your LCD screen disappear