2014-2017 SUSD Strategic Plan

  • Graphic of Strategic Plan


    Mission Statement

    Create an innovative public school system that stimulates intellectual curiosity, providing academic rigor for each and every learner, and instills leadership, responsibility, and global citizenship in a safe and nurturing environment where learners THRIVE. 


    We accomplish this with a highly professional and differentiated system of education, which engages the community as educational partners, embraces diversity, inspires creativity, and fosters student well-being.  We measure success in student outcomes and achievement, professional growth, and a commitment to continuous improvement. 

    Innovation:  A new way of doing things that is transformational, original, and creative so it inspires others to learn.

    Student Well-Being:  Foster a positive physical, social and emotional learning environment to allow students to thrive, flourish, and learn.

    Professional Development:  Engage in learning opportunities to grow professionally so that it affects continuous improvement and refinement of learning, teaching and processes.

    Community:  Engage the community to build ongoing, permanent relationships so that a common vision is shared and implemented.

    Academics:  Support differentiated instruction where students need it, teachers inspire change in curriculum and methods of delivery.