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    Substitute Teachers 

    Certificated Substitute Rates

    • $150 (Full Day), $75 (Half Day)
      The full day rate is based on the school day time; see school bell schedules for times. Substitutes are to remain on campus for the entire school day, including the minimum days. If the substitute teacher works part of the day, the substitute teacher should report to the school office to get additional duties for the balance of the regular school day.

      Certificated substitutes subbing for Special Education Aide positions will be paid the certificated hourly rate. 
      $150/7 hours = $21.43 per hour

    • $160 (11 consecutive days plus)
      Substitutes whose begin the 11th consecutive day of a single assignment that continues for less than a semester shall receive a per diem pay rate of $160.00. This pay rate is retroactive to the first day of the assignment.

    •  $180 (Special Long Term Assignment)
      Substitutes whose single assignment is semester long shall receive a per diem pay rate of $180.00. Semester sub pay is for no less than 80 days.

    Bonus for Certificated Substitute Position 

    • $300 Bonus for day to day assignments (per semester) for certificated substitute position
      If you completed/worked 40+ days in each semester (does not include special long term assignments or subbing for a classified position such as Aide positions, custodian, etc).

    Requirements for Substitute Teachers

    • Bachelor's Degree
    • CBEST ( )
    • 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit (apply through the Santa Clara County Office of Education) OR California Teaching Credential

    Substitute Aides

    Those who have not taken the CBEST, can apply to be a Classified Substitute Aide, which includes Special Education Aide, 1-to-1 Aide and Office Aide substitute positions. Substitute aides are paid a classified substitute hourly rate based on the position.

    How to Apply

    • If SUSD is currently accepting applications, it will be posted on only.  Applications and resumes should be submitted online only via edjoin when there is a posting for substitutes.  Please check edjoin every few weeks as job openings may be posted throughout the year as staff are needed.

    • Once you submit a complete application, selected candidates will be contacted in a few weeks for interviews.


    Please email or contact Kym Imai, Director of Human Resources, or 408-867-3424 ext. 204