School Site Council

  • School Site Council (SSC) is the organization responsible for developing, reviewing and revising our "Single Plan for Student Achievement." This committee includes our principal, 3 teacher representatives, and three parent representatives.  The Roles and Responsibilities of our Foothill SSC are to:

    • Develop a Single Plan for Student Achievement
    • Recommend the plan to the governing board for approval
    • Monitor its implementation
    • Evaluate the results
    • Annually revise and recommend the plan

    Our "Single Plan for Student Achievement" is the plan of actions to be taken to raise the academic performance of students and improve the schools education program. This plan includes 5 specific goals for Foothill School:

    • To align writing strategies with the California content Standards and assist students' growth in writing across the genres.
    • To expand and enhance teaching strategies and early intervention for meeting the needs of students with special learning needs.
    • To support a science program that is inquiry based and provides opportunities for students to be actively engaged in discovery learning.
    • To enhance interpersonal relationships and student social skills while encouraging respect and courtesy towards others.
    • To continue to improve student achievement as assessed by the California Standards Tests and the Mars Test.

    Single Plan for Student Achievement available to read.

    The SSC meets every month, meeting days to be determined. Our meetings are usually held in the Conference Room inside the school office and are open to all who would like to attend.  If you are interested in more information, please check the school calendar for the next meeting or call the school office at 867-4036 then press "0"