Playground Pals Bus Stop

  • Foothill Elementary is proud of our Playground Pals Bus Stop (PPBS) program which takes place during lunch recess on Monday, Tuesday and Friday. The purpose of Playground Pals is to provide a wide variety of games and activities for the students to participate in with a focus on health, fitness, and positive socialization.

    The PPBS program encourages all children to participate in activities regardless of their gender, size, or ability. There are four objectives of the program:
    1. To provide a safe place for students to go if they feel alone and cannot find anyone to play with.
    2. Increase physical activity
    3. Provide a leadership opportunity for students.
    4. Decrease conflict and reduce the incidence of playground bullying

    Playground Pals Bus monitors are children from grades 4 and 5 who volunteer, and are trained to encourage a happy and positive playground experience for other kids. A parent volunteer or staff will be stationed at the bus stop along with the monitors to help facilitate their responsibilities. These students will plan and lead fun and safe activities on the playground, encourage friendships and use their project cornerstone skills to act as peer mediators to help the students deal with minor playground conflicts. They will also act as role models for students throughout the school day encouraging positive behavior – Be respectful, Be safe, Be accountable.