Safety Reminders

  • Foothill School
    Drop-off and Pick-up Zones

    The yellow poles designate the zone where students should leave and enter their vehicle. Students should not get out of or enter a vehicle outside of this zone. The zone offers more visibility for the adult in-charge to see the student entering or leaving a vehicle.
    Please review the following to remind yourself of safety: 
    • Approach slowly in the drop-off lane.
    • No reading, using of phones, or text messaging.
    • Keep your eyes forward; do not turn around to kiss child goodbye or to help them in to the car.
    • Driver is to stay in vehicle at all times.
    • Children should only exit vehicle in the drop-off zone where the adults-in-charge are located.
    • Children are to exit from door next to curb. 
    • No accessing the trunk while in the drop-off lane.
    • No walking between cars.
    • Crosswalks are to be used.
    Common offenses are:
    • Children get their backpacks from the trunk. This is extremely dangerous. No person should ever be between cars.
    • Parents drop off their children before they reach the drop-off zone.
    • Drivers become impatient: they have driven around vehicles in line and have gone the opposite direction in the drop-off lane.
    • At the parking area next to the Foothill Park, parents and children step over the chain connected to cones that define the drop-off zone thus walking between cars.
    • After dropping off, parents stay in the car line to watch their child walk in. 
    • Drivers are not stopping at the stop signs in the parking areas near the multipurpose room and Foothill Park. Drivers have also entered the parking area that is an exit only.
    • Parents ask the parking monitors to walk their children to class.