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  • Network Bandwidth and Backgrounds

    Home Network Bandwidth and Backgrounds During Remote Class Time

    Parents and Students: If there are bandwidth issues that occur during class time, such as multiple family members needing to be online at the same time, please let your teacher know ahead of time so that you may get permission to turn off your camera during class. Your teacher may still request a quick video check at the start of class. And video will need to be on during test-taking.

    To minimize distractions, your child should use their school or teacher's virtual background.

  • Remote Learning Etiquette Logo Remote Learning Etiquette

    Just like the physical classroom, appropriate school behavior still applies during online class. We want the online class experience to be like regular school as much as possible. Children thrive on structure. Please remind your child to:

    • Arrive on time to their online classroom
    • Log in with their proper name
    • Be dressed appropriately
    • Be ready to learn at his/her desk or table
    • No eating unless it's a designated snack time per your teacher
    • Be respectful
    • Monitor their "airtime" when in groups
    • Take turns talking
    • Mute if there is noise at home
    • Use classroom language. Do not say inappropriate things or write them in the chat window

    Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated on campus, nor will it be tolerated virtually.

    Please keep an open line of communication with your teachers about online learning. If you have suggestions for ways to improve online meetings or online learning experiences, please send an email to your teacher or tech@saratogausd.org. We appreciate learning what is working well and what is not!

Remote Learning Guidelines