RMS Attendance and Tardy Policy


    Students are required by state law to attend school punctually and regularly. The following information is provided to help you understand Redwood’s attendance policies.

    Tardies – Excused/Unexcused

    When arriving on campus late, students must always check in at the front desk in the main office to receive a pass before going to class.  The word tardy means late.  A student’s tardy may be excused or unexcused.  California State law and School District policy define what is excused. Tardies are excused ONLY by a parent or guardian and ONLY for:

                       •  medical/dental reasons                                     •  four hours per year allotted for religious instruction
                       •  religious holiday (not cultural)                          •  family medical emergencies

    Each semester a student may receive up to five unexcused tardies to their first-period class without consequence. Contact with parents will be made once a student receives six unexcused tardies and a warning will be given. If a student receives 9 unexcused tardies the student will be assigned detention. After the 9th unexcused tardy, the student will receive after-school detention every three tardies.

    Absences – Excused/Unexcused

    Excused:  California State Law and District Policy define an excused absence.  Absences are excused only for illness (longer than three days must be excused by a doctor’s note), medical professional services (doctor, dental, etc.), quarantine by public health officer, funeral services for a student’s immediate family, exclusion from school for insufficient immunization, or court required appearance.  Teachers will provide a reasonable amount of time for assignments to be made up for excused absences.  If a student is expecting to be absent for health reasons for more than one week, please notify the counselor.

    Unexcused: Any absence not described above is an unexcused absence.  Common examples are:  family travel, travel for competitions or staying home to be with visiting relatives.  Students may or may not be given credit for make-up work resulting from and unexcused absence.  Decisions about make-up work is determined by each teacher.

    Medical Excuse from Physical Education

    The District requires a doctor’s note if you are to be excused from PE for more than three consecutive days. This note must give the reason, extent of restriction of P.E. activities, and the date of doctor’s release.  Students should bring a doctor’s note to the Main Office.

    Early Dismissals and Appointments

    Redwood Middle School is a closed campus. Parents must call before the start of the school day for the student to receive permission to leave campus early.  Early dismissals will be marked as excused or unexcused under the same conditions as tardies listed above. Students who become ill during the school day must go to the Attendance Office in order to get permission to go home.