Redwood Middles School Task Force Phase 3

  • Redwood Middle School Task Force

    Phase 3 Research Update January 9, 2016 

    New Online Community Survey Link Open — Jan. 9-20, 2017

    Community Discussion Forums in RMS Library — Jan. 24 & 26, 2017 

    The 2016-17 Redwood Middle School Task Force project is a community collaboration to celebrate areas of excellence and identify opportunities for continued improvement that will enhance Redwood’s educational offerings for current and future students. 

    During Phase 1 input and brainstorming (August-October 2016), more than 250 people -- including teachers, staff, parents and community members -- contributed ideas to identify and refine four key areas that have been selected for Task Force focus this year. The selected areas for research and further study regarding Redwood Middle School include: 

    Student and Community Wellness                           School Climate, Culture and Safety

    Student Choice and Electives                                      School Schedule 

    During Phase 2 of this project (October-December 2016), the Task Force structure was finalized and applications for membership were open (Nov. 19-30, 2016) with the goal to select a diverse and representative group of approximately 15-20 individuals who would serve on the Task Force to help review and refine research on behalf of the community and make preliminary recommendations for Board and administrative consideration in May-June 2017. 

     A total of 26 people applied for the Task Force.  All nine (9) teachers and staff and an equal number of nine (9) parents were selected, as well as two (2) administrators and two (2) School Board members who now comprise the 22 member Task Force. The group (listed below) represents a wide range of experiences, areas of interest, expertise relative to research topics, age ranges of children / grade levels taught, gender, country of origin and cultural identity. The Task Force met for the first time on Dec. 8 to begin to refine and define the selected areas of focus and will meet again on Jan. 11, 2017 to launch the research phase of this work. 

    New Online Survey to Collect Research Ideas Now Open: To support the Phase 3 (January-March) research portion of this project, the District has launched a new online survey to enable any community member to comment on the four specific areas of focus, share research and/or suggest model programs for consideration. To comment or share thoughts for the research phase, please click on the link below to complete and submit the survey by Jan. 20, 2017:   

    Community Forums for In-Person Input Jan. 24 & 26:  We would like to thank everyone who joined us for the Phase 1 brainstorming sessions in September. The next set of community forums will provide the opportunity for continued small-group discussions to refine and inform emerging ideas on these topics. 

    • Evening Session -- Jan. 24, 2017 from 6:00-8:00 pm -- Redwood Library
    • Morning Session -- Jan. 26, 2017 from 8:30-10:30 am -- Redwood Library 

    The forums are open to any interested member of the SUSD community.  To attend and allow us to plan seating, simply email your name(s) and session to: 

    Next Steps:  In addition to the current survey and January forums listed above, SUSD will circulate another survey in late-March and host another set of community forums in late-April as ideas/recommendations emerge for consideration by the Board and administration. 

    We will continue to keep the Saratoga Union School District community updated on progress through monthly summaries that will be distributed via email and posted on the District home page under “Our District / RMS Task Force.” To view the community update from November summarizing the Phase 1 & 2 input and design processes, please visit:  

    We thank you in advance for your ongoing participation and engagement in this important endeavor, and SUSD would like to thank the individuals on the Task Force for their community service. 

    Redwood Middle School Task Force Members 2016-17 

    Teachers & Staff:


    Alexis Nesper

    Cassie Sprenger

    Jason Robertson

    Jennifer Rocabado

    Jonathan Jow

    Laressa Mead

    Michelle Lehner

    Nicole Burruss

    Paul Navarro



    Dede Smullen

    Hong Zhang

    Honglin (Rocky) Li

    Ilaria Keogh

    Matthew Andrews

    Rita Cao

    Savitha Raghothamarao

    Sophia Lim

    Susanne von Stern

    SUSD Board Representatives:


    Patty Buchanan

    Susan Germeraad


    SUSD Administration:


    Barbara Neal

    Nancy Johnson



    Lana Guernsey / Natalie Byrd

    Centio Communications