Curriculum Resources Overview

  • The Saratoga Union School District is dedicated to providing its students with instruction using the California Common Core Standards as the foundation for the work that is done in each and every schoolhouse and classroom throughout the district. Every student is guaranteed access to all of the California Common Core Standards at their grade level in the core academic areas of English/Language Arts and Writing, Mathematics, Science and Social Science. Instruction is differentiated to meet the needs of the individual learner so that every student receives instruction that is both academically and developmentally challenging.

    Curriculum that is aligned with the California Common Core Standards has been carefully chosen to provide the tools that are needed to make sure that each student meets and masters the academic standards. Teachers and other staff in the district are trained to use the standards-based curriculum materials in ways that provide the best instruction possible for each student. 

    Saratoga Union School District is proud of its emphasis on core content standards and the high achievement of our students. At the same time, the district also realizes that the needs of the whole child cannot and should not be ignored. Each of our schools provides a myriad of activities in the visual and performing arts, technology, community service, and physical education to engage every student beyond academics.

    Saratoga Union School District is dedicated to children: to involve the community; to anticipate challenges; to take advantage of opportunities; and, to guarantee vital skills for all our children to pursue lifelong learning and become productive citizens.







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