Conference Room Scheduling

  • To schedule a conference room at a school site

    Please contact that school site's office directly. 

    To schedule a conference room at the district office

    Email your request with the following information to Grace Jens

    • Title/Type of Event
    • Date and Time Requested (please include an alternate time/date)
    • Large or Small Conference Room
    • Your contact Information (email & phone number) for person(s) requesting the space
    •  Use of District Equipment/Special Requests* 


    Use of District Equipment/Special Requests

    If you would like to use the electronic equipment in the conference rooms (i.e. internet access, projector, overhead, DVD player, television, etc.) or have special requests, please indicate this information in your reservation request email. If you require instruction in use of this equipment, please contact the Technology Department Help Desk at least 48 hours in advance of your event. The use of conference room equipment is not guaranteed unless the district office is contacted in advance. 

    Conference Room Regulations

    • If food or drink is served in the conference room, please remove all food/drink items at the close of your meeting. Clean up. The conference rooms do not receive regular custodial services.
    • Nothing shall be attached to conference room walls without prior approval of the district.
    • Conference rooms must be restored to their original setup at the close of your meeting.
    • Lock doors and windows.
    • As a courtesy to others, please cancel your reservation if you no longer need the space by emailing or calling (408) 867-3424, x200.