In An Emergency

  • Foothill School has an evacuation and emergency plan in case of disaster, such as fire, toxic gas, earthquake, explosion or other emergency situations. The school conducts monthly drills. In the event of a disaster, school personnel will remain at school for the safety of your children.


    The District plans to notify parents of actions through local radio stations or through whatever means are possible. When electrical power and telephone communications are down, use your battery operated radio to hear relevant information on the following stations: 1610 (local), 810 (KGO), and 740 (KCBS).


    Parents/Guardians:  please ensure that your most up-to-date phone contact information is listed on your child's green emergency information card under "24 Hour Phone."  This number is used by our automated phone messenger system in event of emergency.



    In the event of a disaster, please:


    • Do not drive to school to pick up your child until directed to do so, as traffic jams may obstruct emergency vehicles from getting through.

    • Do not call the District Office (they will be coordinating across the District).


School Evacuation Plan


    In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the school, students and staff should make their way to the assembly area as shown on the map below:

Foothill School Evacuation Map