8th Grade Graduation
                2013-2014 Graduation is Friday, June 6, 2014 at 4:00pm on the upper field.

Free parking is available at West Valley College in lot 3 at the corner of Allendale and Fruitvale Avenues.  Graduation practice is Friday morning, June 6th.  8th grade students will be dismissed to go home when practice is complete somewhere between 10:30-11:00am.  They are to report back to their assigned classrooms at 3:30pm.  The student Graduation party will follow the ceremony in the multipurpose room.  This is a student only event. 

Graduation Celebration Party Friday, June 6th 5:45pm-9:00pm

 Download the Graduation Packet here for information and permission slip.

Party Photo Release Form


                  8th Grade Awards Night  Wednesday June 4, 2014 @ 6:30pm in the MP
Families of those students receiving an award will receive an awards invite by mail during the week of May 28th. A recap of the Awards evening will be held for the 8th grade class on Thursday morning before they leave for Great America. This will allow our honored students to be recognized among their classmates.

8th Grade Great America Trip Thursday June 5, 2014 

Students will return to school at 3:30pm. Students wishing to sit with friends on the bus must sign up together.  Buses are filled in the order that tickets are sold. Tickets will be on sale the last week of April.


Graduation Reimbursement Payment Request

A Payment request form can be downloaded from here. Please submit original receipt with the form in the Graduation Payment Request box in the Front office. The check will be received from Redwood's PTA treasurer.

Graduation Committee Chair Job Descriptions



1.      Setup Graduation Committee.

2.      Handle communications with Leads and subcommittee volunteers.

3.      Schedule and run meetings.

4.      Manage and execute timeline to ensure planning and execution on schedule.

5.      Interface with PTA President(s), SUSD and Administration staff as needed.



1.      Work with Graduation Chairs to create budget for the event.

2.      Keep accounting of all financial activities for subcommittees.

3.      Keep record of ticket sales.

4.      Collect checks and forward to PTA Treasurer.

5.      Send original check request forms to PTA Treasurer for reimbursement; keep copy.

6.      Be sure all expenses must adhere to PTA guidelines.

7.      Prepare Budget vs. Actual and Income Statements reports and cc: PTA Treasurer.

8.      Communicate with Co-Chairs and Subcommittee Leads to keep budget in check.



1.      Confirm ceremony layout with Administration (Teri Brandt)

2.      Via Administration and SUSD, procure table(s), podium, and chairs for set-up.

3.      Determine location of water stations for ceremony; procure tables etc.

4.      Create party layout for MPR, Quad, etc. (Casino in wrestling room); take responsibility for handling roped off sections of Quad, Entry etc.

5.      Coordinate with Administration on logistics regarding electrical, security, MPR blackout curtain installation, fire safety etc.

6.      Coordinate with subcommittee Leads on table set-up, blackout curtain installation, large décor etc. set-up and cleanup as it pertains to long-term storage of materials.



1.      Coordinate volunteers for ceremony chair set-up.

2.      Coordinate volunteers for party check-in/ticket collection.

3.      Coordinate volunteers for MPR Coat Room.

4.      Coordinate, manage shifts and oversee 6th & 7th grade parent volunteers for party.

5.      Assist casino Lead in getting volunteer dealers; assist party and facility Leads with volunteers for set-up, take down and storage.

6.      Send confirmation and thank you notes to all volunteers cc: Committee Chair(s), PTA President(s) and Principal..


1.      Gather pertinent information from subcommittee chairs to create graduation packets (administration assistance from Teri Brandt) and invitations.

2.      Distribute the above, manage RSVP database including payment information (amount & check #) and give checks to Treasurer for accounting and processing.



1.      Responsible for decorations – flags, RMS banner (J. Jow), balloons, plants, flowers etc. – in keeping with graduation theme of stage and surrounding areas.

2.      Work with facilities on lawn set-up (ultimately administration responsibility.)

3.      Coordinate stage details with Fire Marshall (Teri Brandt).



1.      Responsible for procuring donations of water bottles and setting up water stations for use before, during and after ceremony.

2.      Work with administration and janitorial staff to have recycling bins accessible.

3.      Coordinate with Volunteer Lead to staff water stations.

4.      Move water stations to Quad after ceremony.



1.      Procure donations for or purchase flowers, pins, token or other for each graduate and VIP attendees (Principal, Teachers, SUSD Superintendent, City Council etc.)

2.      Write thank you letters to donors cc: Committee Chair(s), PTA President(s) and Principal.



1.      Come up with general look and design features based on theme to be approved by committee at large.

2.      Purchase and procure decorations as needed to create look.

3.      Coordinate with Facilities and Fire Marshall to assure decorations meet safety standards – may need to be sprayed with fire retardant.

4.      Manage set-up (schedule with Teri Brandt), take down and storage along with Facility and Volunteer Leads.

5.      Take care that items are not stapled into walls of MPR!



1.      Determine menu and provide food through SUSD Cafeteria Vendor, Caterer or other means for students and parent volunteers during party.

2.      Setup and cleanup kitchen.

3.      Provide means to distribute leftovers so nothing is left at Redwood.

4.      Coordinate with Facility Lead on appliance usage etc.



1.      Arrange for party DJ.

2.      Coordinate with Facility and Decorations Leads on setup and overall look.



1.      Arrange for student photographs during party – this can be a photographer using a theme inspired backdrop, wandering photographer,   photo booth or other.

2.      Obtain necessary lighting, ascertain and other electrical needs by coordinating with Facility Lead.



1.      Make sure wall coverings and décor are intact and usable; purchase replacements if necessary.

2.      Arrange for rentals and supplies needed beyond what is stored in RMS Cave.

3.      Select and train volunteer dealers and prize distributor.

4.      Coordinate with Facility, Decoration and Prize Leads as needed

5.      Setup, cleanup and store reusable items.



1.      Decorate Quad in accordance with theme; coordinate with MPR Decorations Leads.

2.      Review and test games stored in RMS Cave. Use, fix or trash as needed. For large expense items, coordinate repair or disposal with Administration (Teri Brandt.)

3.      Arrange for game rental, staffing (via Rental Co. and Volunteer Lead) and returns.

4.      Determine how prizes are won; coordinate with Prize Lead on distribution.

5.      Setup, cleanup and store per instructions from Facility Lead.



1.      Create Memory Boards using baby/toddler pictures and school pictures (yearbook or solicited) to be displayed in Quad glass cabinets for the entire week or longer before graduation.

2.      Coordinate with Administration (Teri Brandt) on installation and takedown.

3.      Determine use of photos (give to kids or trash) after party.



1.      Solicit or purchase prizes to be won via Casino or Quad games.

2.      Determine whether there should be and coordinate student raffle for more prizes.

3.      Coordinate with Casino, Games, Volunteer and other Leads as needed.

4.      Setup, cleanup and store or dispose of extras after party.

5.      Write thank you notes to donors cc: Committee Chair(s), PTA President(s) and Principal.

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